We're Here For a Good Time, Not a Long Time

(We're Here For a Good Time, Trooper)

I have succesfully recovered from last night's antics... I must say, fun was had. I am mildly surprised that I didn't feel much worse than I did this morning.

My parents came by today. We went to the orchestra concert, and dinner and Chapters. Nothing could be wrong with a day like that! I enjoy seeing people that I know. I am getting better with the people here, but I still miss those at home. I just wish that more of them could come up here sometimes. I think I might go to disc this Wednesday, because I would really like to see Marcy, if even for a little bit. I realize that it is mildly pathetic... But I can't help it. I miss him. Probably moreso than I do my own family. Largely because I don't see him nearly as often, I guess.

Well, I'm going to truncate that particular broken-record topic.

I need to work on my apathy problem. I can't motivate myself to do smart things... Like study for theory, which I am borderline failing. Instead I am sitting here writing in my blog that no one reads, about things that no one cares about. Even now, I have no intention of going and doing theory; I am going to knit, or play the guitar, or something equally pointless. Ah, well. It's what I do.
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