True Love Waits

By Radiohead. One of the many songs that has made me cry. (Today.)

Want some more?

  • Animals, by Nickelback (Perhaps it's better that you don't ask about that one. The reasoning behing that one is complicated. Basically, Animals in combination with True Love Waits is what did it.)
  • Into the West by Annie Lennox (That song is just very very sad.)
  • Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meatloaf (Quite frankly, I don't even understand why that one would do it.)
  • Lips of an Angel by Hinder
  • Jumper by Third Eye Blind
  • Broken by Seether
  • I'm Already There by Lonestar (I know... Country. I'm sorry.)
I guess that's it for now... I really want to expand on all this... I think perhaps that is a journal thing, though. Not so much a publicly readable document. You know. I'll probably get off on a rant someday. We'll see.
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