Now I'm Sleepin' On The Sidewalk

(Sleeping on the Sidewalk, Queen)

Okay, not the sidewalk, the closet. Seriously. Okay... It's not a closet. It's a "storage room." But it may as well be a closet. It has no windows, and only enough room for a matress and the coat-rack type thing along the other wall. I have to sleep, and Rafia stays up all night studying, so instead of her studying in the common room, I sleep in the closet. Does this strike anyone besides me as a little unfair? I guess that just sort of comes with the territory of being a doormat... You get walked all over. (Man, I am so funny.)

I'm still lost in the swirling abyss of midterms... I am in rough shape, I think. My listening stuff is tomorrow, as well as the aural (and oral) stuff. Which is really the part that I am the least ready for. I have been studying like crazy, but I still don't feel ready for it. We'll see. I know I will have to work my ass off, though to keep my marks decent, because I am NOT doing well so far. (Not for lack of trying.) Like I said, we'll see how things work out.

You [my imaginary readers] may be wondering why my titles really have nothing to do with the content of these entries... It's because they are mostly song lyrics that the contents of the entry remind me of.
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