I Got a Disease Deep Inside Me

(Disease, Matchbox 20)

I think I'm dying. I have the worst immune system ever. If I didn't know that AIDS takes so long to manifest, I would swear that I had it. Random enourmous bruises cropping up, my awesome bronchitis cough back for another spin, after having been around for a solid two months only a few weeks ago, with pink eye and cold sores on top of that. It's a wonder my piercings haven't got infected yet. I am so tired of being sick... I just want to sleep for like a month, and hope it goes away. In the meantime, I will continue to work myself to death.


I'll Never Have That Recipe Again

(MacArthur Park, Richard Harris)

Finally. The essay from hell is over. I don't know what to do with myself, now.

That's a lie. I have to get better at theory and skillz... and playing. That is what I have to dedicate my time to now.

I want to make cookies, though. Perhaps a saner thing to do when bored, no?

I am so desperately tired, though. I can't seem to fit all the crap I have to do into the hours of a day. Admittedly, that is because I organize my time so badly, but it's still stressful. I think the only solution is to stop reading this dense theory junk, and start baking. Good plan.


Let it Snow

(Let It Snow, Anon.)

So, I have wasted this entire day. What are snow days for, right? I can't say that I didn't enjoy it... I just really feel like it was wasted. I practiced an hour, and that was the only productive thing I did, all day. I was in bed until around 14:30, and then sat around watching House and Borat until 17:00. I ate dinner, practiced, and read a book. Now here I am. Sounds like a total waste of 24 hours to me.

Then again, I did get to spend time with someone whom I care about very much... and can that really be called wasted time? Well... I'm being super sappy, now. :P I realize that anything else I have to say at the moment would be further sap... So that's enough.