Hello loyal readers! (By that I mean Fae and only Fae.)

As it turns out, as I have done a dozen times before, I got bored with Blogger and stopped posting. You may have noticed. After a while I got the urge to start oversharing on the internet again and, completely forgetting about my poor, ancient, neglected Blogger account, I started a Tumblr. As it turns out, I like Tumblr way better than Blogger, so I have kept up that one a little better than this one. (I said a little.) If I figure out a way to auto post to this from that I probably will, but until such time, you probably won't see any updates here!

Check out marbles24.tumblr.com instead. You'll find me there. (And I have yet to go into a long-winded description of a dream, so I am head and shoulders above the calibre of this blog already.)