Happy Hump Day!

It's hump day... That means only two more sleeps until I get to go home for Thanksgiving! Hurray! This is going to be an eventful weekend/rest of week for me. I have to get all my stuff done for Skillz and Theory, before friday, and if I'm really energetic, I'll do Monday's stuff too, so I don't feel so guilty about not doing anything on the weekend. :P

At any rate, this week hasn't been so bad, thus far. I was home last weekend, and my days have been busy enough. I am still looking forward to coming home on Friday, though. There should be some awesome times. Which I will not go into detail about here. :P I guess, if I hope to get any of the stuff done that I need to do, I should get on it, instead of wasting the evening online. I really will this time, too.

I just remembered... I have a theory test on Friday... I should really study for that, too. And I wonder how I did on that Italian test the other day? I guess only time will tell.

Have a wonderful hump day!
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