Seriously... WTF.

Someone has been phoning our apartment, repeatedly, since 5:00. It is, at this point, 5:27 AM. There is little hope of me getting back to sleep now... Which isn't great, considering I only went to sleep at 12:30 or so. It wouldn't even bother me if I knew what it was. If it was something important, that couldn't wait until tomorrow, and they actually ANSWERED when someone picked up, then I wouldn't be so vehemently upset about this. I want to just *69 and call them back and bitch them out. Loudly. Seriously, it's 5 AM. What the HELL could you possibly want from us? There are certain people that I would forgive for calling... Certain people that I would even WELCOME a call from, at 5 AM... But that is only applicable if they SAY something.

Okay... I am really mad, and really tired... I am going to try to go back to sleep. And if it was you... I am going to end your life. :P
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