Finally, Back Where I Belong

At school again. Thank goodness. I missed it. :P What can I say? I'm a loser.

But, I am glad to be not working, at least for a while. I know I'll have to get a job, in short order, because I am poor. But for now, I will enjoy it while I can.

I'm slowly getting used to the roommate thing... I was worried about my roommate being a drunken sex addict... but, compared to her, I am a drunken sex addict. :P (Which I really am not, by the way.) I'm still really missing home... I'm not settled in yet, and used to not being around the people that I love. I guess I'll just have to suck it up, for the time being. I am excited about going home next weekend! I know we'll be doing Kyle's birthday stuff... But I'll be home. I don't like being so far away. But... We'll see how it goes. I'm off to prepare for classes... by that I mean find out where they are. Hurrah!
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