I am going to Acton! I am so excited! (Sung to the tune of that playground taunt thing.)

Anyway... I definitely think that, looking back on things, I probably should have looked over my theory rudiments before the test... as I seem to have completely forgotten everything I once knew about intervals... and that is a problem for me... Considering we're supposed to know it backwards and forwards... Ah well. I'll catch up... I hope.

So, Acton! I am taking the bus to Acton... and I am quite excited. I miss the people there! A lot! (I don't really mean "people," when I say "people," but anyone who reads this , (no one,) will know what I mean.)

I need to go and do some crazy theory things, before theory class... So no ridiculously long ranty post for me, right now. Maybe tonight. :P
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