So, It's Been A While...

Yeah, it's been a long time since I've bothered to post. That is mostly because any time I have thought of something worth writing about, I have not been near the computer, so I don't bother, and forget. It also has a lot to do with the fact that I haven't had a lot of terrible days lately, so I haven't felt the urge to bitch nad whine like I usually do.

Today, on the other hand...

Would you like to hear about it? Of course you would.

I actually had a lovely day. I managed to crawl out of bed about 20 minutes later than was wise, pulled some clothes on, and went to work. I spent the better part of my day learning how to make sandwiches, and that was okay too. My entire day was just ruined at 14:45.

Some lady came in, and asked me if we would be able to call a cab for her. Me being new there, I didn't know if we could do that, so I went to ask someone about it. I couldn't find her, so I took a couple of minutes. I then came back to ask the woman what the number of a cab place was, and she told me. So I went back and clarified with the manager that I should call, and then went back out to ask the lady where she needed to go to, because apparently we needed to know that. She told me where she was going, and asked if it would take much longer, because she'd been there for like half an hour, and she could have walked there by now. (Needless to say, she had been there less than ten minutes.) So, I finally went back, and discussed the call with the manager for ten seconds or so, and then tried to call, only to hear "Your call could not be completed as dialed. Please check the number, and try your call again." So, I went out to speak to the woman about it, and said that the number didn't work, to which she replied, "Well, that is the number I call every day." And I said that it didn't work, and apologized, at which point she stormed out of the store, with a "Thanks for nothing." Directed at me.

Well, I'm sorry, I will never go out of my way to help someone ever again, for fear of the fact that something totally beyond my control would prohibit me from doing it satisfactorily. I just can't believe that she had the nerve to get angry with me, for not being able to do something for her that I clearly was under no obligation to do, or to even consider doing.

...People like her just shatter my general faith in humanity.

And that was my day.
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