It occured to me today that my cat is the greatest source of comfort in my life. Honestly! I have never had a person in whom to confide, or to just be close and snuggly when feeling miserable. My cat is that one. I don't confide in my cat or anything, but it makes me slightly happier to have my cat laying across my chest and purring just because I have my hand resting on his back. He does that, too. For hours on end, he will lay on my chest, or in my lap, and be content just to be there, and comfortable. It's nice to be loved, I suppose. But, it's a very fickle kind of love... he acts the same way to anyone who pays him any attention. So, it loses some of it's meaning there... him being a cat, and all.

You know, I kind of wish I could be the cat sometimes.
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