New Discoveries

Okay, so I figured something out today. I have no friends. :P Actually, I won't go that far. I have A friend. One. In this case, however, that does not help. :P When you have a ticket to a comedy thing, which is almost definitely going to be incredibly funny, and totally enjoyable, and all of the people that you offer a free ticket to, that would normally cost $20, and NO ONE will come with, you know you have no friends. (The only friend I was referring to is already going. She doesn't count.) This makes me very depressed. :P

Blah blah blah. I think I'm going to stop posting in this blog... becase it just makes me feel like a shallow idiot with no capacity for thought. :P I say such mindless things here... it's ridiculous, because it's actually what I think about, a lot of the time. That bothers me. I kind of thought that I wasn't an idiot... apparently I'm wrong. See, there is the potential for some serious expansion on the subject, but I'm not going into it, because it's too advanced for my tiny, tiny brain.

Well, what can you do? Now I am talking like an angsty teenager... which is one of my biggest pet peeves. I am NOT an angsty teenager, damnit.
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