Okay, so I had a really wierd dream last night. You know, the kind that bothers you a lot the next day, and you think about it in excess? It was really wierd... and kind of disturbing. So, apparently me and a bunch of other people were involves in some kind of conspiracy, and we were in a garage of some kind, doing something involved with the conspiracy, though it looked like we were all just sitting around. :P (I should mention that for some reason I was a guy in this dream.)

At that point, some people came near the building, and were about to walk in the door, so me and a couple others thought we should try and get under cover, so we ran behind a couch. (There were a couple of couches.) The other people, (leaders of some kind,) didn't move, so we trusted their judgment, and stood up and waited. When they didn't do anything, we bolted for the back door. (Which wouldn't have helped, because it led inside the main building.) But despite the running, somehow at least some of us were caught.

I don't remember what happened between there and the next part, if there was anything, but me and some girl that was apparently someone I cared about, were in a room, secured to devices of a nature unknown to me. There was a woman there, and she was intent on killing us both in totally ridiculous manners, for whatever reason. She hit some button, and the girl was slowly cut in half. (I don't know.) There was a lot of screaming from her, and crying from me, and I assume she died. Then the crazy woman put something in my hand and told me to keep my thumb on a specific point, so I did. (I wanted to die at this point, because person had died, etc.) She said something about sending an electric current through my spine, affecting my brain somehow or another. (I'm pretty sure what she said wouldn't have worked in reality.) She turned the electric current on, and I sat there, not being in any pain, (it's almost impossible to feel pain in a dream.) but not dying either. She turned it off, and it had apparently done something to my brain, because I had either totally lost my mind, or had become an idiot. I spent the entire rest of the dream trying to make the machine work, so that I could die, only I had the vocabulary and mental capacity of a two year old. The woman spoke to me the whole time as if I were a small child, and kept preventing me from making the thing work.

Do you see how that would be unsettling? I don't think I've ever had a dream that totally focused on me wanting to die... Actually I have. But it was not as wierd.

So that's my random thing of the day... it was crazy, and I didn't get it. It's a wierd thing to put in a blog, but it's what I've been thinking about all day, so :P!
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