Banana Marshmallows

Some things make me unreasonably happy. For example, the song Missy, epic orchestral music, office supplies, cuddles, singing loudly, and banana marshmallows. (You know, those ones that are ALWAYS stale? I’m pretty sure they let them get stale right at the factory so that no one will ever know what they are like when they are fresh.) My relationship with banana marshmallows is a complicated one though.

I was walking through the kitchen, feeling kind of blah, and I decided I wanted something to snack on. After casting around for something to spark my interest in eating it, I remembered that we had bought a $2 bag of banana marshmallows (that were probably on clearance from Easter) and my face lit up like a frigging candle. There was no one in the kitchen to see how crazily happy I was about these stale banana things, so I continued to beam like an idiot for quite some time, until I walked into the bedroom with them and Bryan laughed at me. I’m not sure whether he was laughing at me because of the stupid grin I had on my face and the way I was holding the bag of marshmallows as if it were a teddy bear, or just at the fact that I’m sure he believed that I was going to sit down and eat that whole bag of marshmallows in one sitting. (Which I did NOT.) Anyway, that was a bit of a downer on my marshmallow high, but I still had them, and could be eating them at that very moment. So I cracked into the deliciousness and all was well in the world. After about two fifths of the bag of them, (I struggled really hard at picking a fraction for that number, because half was WAY to much, and a third was not nearly enough.) I decided that they were losing their appeal, and sealed them up and put them on the table beside my desk. My irrational glee at the idea of eating these marshmallows had passed.

This morning I woke up and sat down on my computer, because that’s what I do, and thought, without any trace of excitement, (because it’s really hard to be excited when you are just waking up, unless it’s Christmas,) that banana marshmallows for breakfast sounded like a smart idea. An hour or so later, I realized that I had devoured the entire bag. (Remember back when I was defending myself about eating the whole thing in one sitting? That’s because it took TWO sittings.) This made me depressed. At the beginning of the bag I was practically giddy with excitement about these marshmallows, and now I am downright sad about them. Partially because they are gone, but mostly because I feel like a bad person for sitting down and eating such a ridiculous amount of candy all at once, and partly because my stomach is upset because marshmallows and some freezies are the only things I have eaten all day, and also a little bit because I ate so many of them that I didn’t really enjoy them anymore.

Tl;dr: I was happy because I had marshmallows, and now I am sad because they are gone, and because I ate all of them by myself. My feelings towards banana marshmallows are complicated. The end.
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