They Are Calling From Across A Distant Shore

(Into The West, Annie Lennox)

The other day in education got me thinking... Dr. Gerard Yun came in and spoke about world music, and demonstrated a few instruments that he had painstakingly learned by immersing himself in the culture of its origin and learning from a master. And so... I'm on my kick where I just want to run away from everything again. Just go away from everything I have here and do something new and exciting that I can envelope myself in. I would love to do something like what Dr. Yun did and just go somewhere for the sole purpose of learning about how things are there. I don't even know that I would focus on something as specific as an instrument... As amazing as that would be. I just want to leave and immerse myself in something completely different and learn everything I can about it... The kind of things that you can't learn by looking up internet articles. But that seems like me being bored with life combined with the fact that I always want to learn things.

But I can over-think my life on my own time, I guess.

On another note, I found it really hard to lose the stereotypes that I have apparently had in my brain without me even noticing. It was really hard not to let the image of the wizened old chief with a pipe drift into my head when Dr. Yun was playing the flute whose name I forget... I find it very depressing that I am so susceptible to images and things that I am subjected too. I guess everyone is, unless they make a concerted effort to learn the truth of things and not be affected by it. I guess that can be done, if you try... It's hard to learn enough to push out the stereotypes, though.
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