I Remember Every Little Thing As If It Happened Only Yesterday

(Paradise By The Dashboard Light, Meatloaf)

Book that I highly recommend: The Game, by Neil Strauss. I started reading it last night, and I am in love with it. It's competing hard for the title of my favorite book. Read it. It's fascinating, and entertaining, and all that good stuff.

Anyway... So I'm back at home, and working, and all that jazz. As I suspected, the place where my Dad works did not even call me, because I am a girl... My brother got a call. You know how it is. Girls can't work in plants. It's dirty and smelly. Whatever. I am bitter.

The Badly Planned Road Trip went spectacularily. We didn't even die in a horrible car wreck, even though the car needed $1500 of work done to it when we got back. Disconnected struts and a cracked ball-joint... For the record, it was like that before we left. (I'm serious!) So apparently we were lucky to have made it at all. It was a good time, though. We went to Ottawa, and stayed at Cassie's family's house, and then to Montréal, where we stayed in an interesting (but cramped) youth hostel. It was neat. I spent a lot of time playing (fighting) with Cassie's family's dog... It made me miss Kaos. I want my puppy. :(

Bryan is finally moved into my place. His stuff is still sitting in boxes, with nothing done to it aside from it being slightly messed up from the times when he started digging through it because he needed something. (I am guessing at this last part... It's pretty likely, though.) He claims that the floor is crooked, and that the ceiling is too low, which it is, but it's not a bad little place.

Bryan is coming to the Tetris party... We're going to sit around, (four of us,) and play Tetris until our eyes bleed. Actually, we're playing until we beat the game. We'll do it. It can actually be done, because it's the N64 version. Winning does exist in that game.

I got my final grades back, finally. I have to take theory again, which upsets me quite a bit. I think otherwise my school schedule should remain unchanged, aside from bumping theory back a year, which will be a pain in the ass. I got a D in theory, but I needed a C+, because music is an honours program. It stresses me out.

I forget all the other stuff I was going to talk about... So I'll just cut it off here.
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