Trombone Hate

So I am having a serious hate-on for life and my program and my professors right now. I don't really have any justification to be so enraged, because they are doing things by the system that they set out in the beginning, even if they consistently ignore it in every other case. (Even partially in this case.)

Here's the story:

I had my placement audition yesterday, and I was gunning for an orchestra placement. I had worked really hard to outplay those that I had to outplay, and to be generally competent. I was expecting that the guy who is a year ahead of me would get it, as he is hands-down a better player than me. Beth, the second player from last year, and I are on pretty level ground as far as playing ability goes, but I figured if I worked at it I could do better than her. I expected Brendan to be considered for bass trombone, because he is better than me at it. I accept that fact, but I thought I could maybe at least outdo him and get placed on bass. Earlier in the day I was talking to Brendan and he told me that he was not taking lessons. I was really surprised, knowing that he is a very good player. It turns out that he failed out of the program and is now an undeclared arts major. This made me incredibly happy, though I felt really cruel for it. Never in my life have I even heard of someone not in the music program being placed in the orchestra. It just doesn't happen. Ever. This got my hopes really high, and I was elated for the rest of the day. Until the auditions finished, of course. Heaven forbid I should actually get something that I had my hopes up for. The trombone prof came out of the audition room and talked a bit and proceeded to name off the people in the various ensembles. He numbered them off and pointed. "One..." He pointed to Tyler, like I expected. "Two..." He pointed to Beth. Oh well. There's always bass. "Three..." He looked around at the group assembled, hesitated for a minute, and Tyler said "Brandon left." It was at this point that I turned around and walked away.

Am I wrong for thinking that it is not right for a person in second year who failed out of their program to be given one of the three most coveted spaces in the ensembles, while someone who has worked their ass off to not fail out for three entrire years gets shafted to work with the newbies? I don't think I am.
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