So here I am, still alive and still blog posting, if rarely. I guess I could give an update on my summer, as if everyone doesn't already know. I'm working at Swiss Chalet in the pantry, (and the joke about tossing salads all day stopped being funny a LONG time ago,) and still living with the same people plus Bryan. Living with Bryan is pretty wonderful, to be honest. I was worried that we wouldn't handle it well, but he and I have been handling it famously. He doesn't deal well with the roommates, but that is a temporary thing, and as long as he doesn't go berserk and try to break up because of the people that we live with, we should be able to move past the silly struggles that we have currently. (Which are few and far between, admittedly.) I have a few things that I need to work on in regards to the relationship, and he has his few at the same time. As that may imply, we have had a couple of good talks and sorted out the roots of our troubles and are working hard to get past them. Things are looking hopeful currently. (From my side of things at least.)

I am currently in the market for a second job, but I have not got my hopes up on that front. I am barely managing to afford my life currently, as I am only working part time really, and the income is not good enough to support me. Hopefully OSAP will be enough to live on for the school year, along with whatever I make at the Swiss. (Which will be minimal.)

I went back over that and realize that I really need to think as I'm writing about being coherent. I am sort of just doing a stream of consciousness kind of thing currently, and it comes out really babbly and not making a lot of sense. Here is me trying to make sense. Ready?

Life has been a bit of a struggle lately, between money troubles and relationship stresses, but I am working my way through both of those, and surviving. To be honest, that really sums up everything that I just said, in a nutshell. Oh well. I'll try and keep everyone posted when things actually happen in my life, which they almost never do.
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