Cuba 5

I have been waiting for this day. My skin is killing me, I am all sticky from being covered in aloe vera, and I have sunburns in ridiculous places. (The fronts of my shins and the tops of my feet, for example.) I am in a pretty substantial amount of pain. Looks like it is going to be a tame day at the beach tomorrow.

So all this is because of the ride on the catamaran today and sitting out on the nets like an idiot instead of under the canopy with the sane people. But, despite some mild skin-melting, today was pretty spectacular. Left first thing in the morning for the catamaran, which went for about 40 minutes to an awesome (living) reef, where we snorkelled for about an hour. Some pretty exciting fish and some awesome coral. After that, more boat ride to the place with the dolphins, which we swam with. Pretty neat. Dolphins might be one of the cutest animals ever. Dolphin kisses for all. It was very cute. Lots of good pictures. It was, to be honest, a little hokey though. I can deal with that. Then back to the resort and wasting time and all that. I came in because I was really sleepy, but I really wanted to call home while I was sitting by myself. I am missing Waterloo quite a lot. All kinds of things that we have been doing just make me think "I wish So-And-So were here with me" I ended up not calling because it is late and expensive. Hopefully I will make the same decision in the next few nights. $3.50 a minute is a lot.
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