Cuba 3

Better day today. We spent almost the entire day at the beach. As a result I have some minor sunburns and a tiny tan. (The bottom parts of my ass cheeks are burned. That's what happens when I forget that my bathing suit doesn't cover me as well as I'm used to.) We decided on a trip today, which I am really fracking pumped for. We are going on a catamaran to swim with dolphins and snorkel on a living reef, not a dead one like the one at the beach. There will also be lobster. This is on Wednesday, so we have a day to waste before then. Probably will spend much of it at the market in Guadala-something-or-other. Maybe I will be able to waste a bit of my spending money.

Another thing from yesterday, now that I remember, I have been "hit on" by more guys in the last couple of days that most of the rest of my life. A bartender told me that I have beautiful eyes and always makes a distinct effort to serve me at the bar. (Not sure if that qualifies.) Some guy offered me a smoke out of the blue at the ship bar, (I call it that because the supports for the roof are decorated to look like masts,) and a couple of guys were VERY obviously checking me out at the beach today. (The kind of checking out where there is eye contact.) So I feel flattered.

Anyway, not a lot of crazy excitemend today. Beach, snorkelling, LOTS of fish, (that swim all over you when you give them bread,) and a silly dance show at night. I am missing home, and periodically I think about how long until I go back. I was right though. Calling would be really expensive, and there is no guarantee of a conversation if I go online. I guess I will just have to hold out.
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