...Sont Les Mots Qui Vont Très Bien Ensemble...

(Michelle, the Beatles)

Man am I ever tired of doing french homework. Like... Holy shit boredom. They tell me it's good for me. I guess they're right... If I ever work out this bilingualism thing, I'll be in good shape. I don't see that happening in the near future, though. We'll see.

Anyway! On with life!

I had a good solid three hours of sitting and chatting with a friend that I don't talk to a lot last night. We sat in the Timmy's that I used to work at and just talked and drank coffee (or hot chocolate) until 2 AM. We've decided that we are going to do an open mic night at Wilf's in September. It will be lots of fun. I will need to actually learn some songs, then. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I never get to perform anymore, so it will be good. Or maybe it will serve to remind me why I don't perform anymore. :P

I have recently had it brought to my attention that I am not very smart. I used to sort of think I was bright. I guess I'm just average, at best. Maybe even kind of slow. I think this might be a rant for a day when I don't have a french assignment to finish in a few hours. I will hopefully remember to touch on this later, because I've started it now. Later, though.

A la prochaine.
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