It's Been A While...

(It's Been a While, Staind)

So, it's been forever since I've posted. I've been slacking off.

So, recent events. Just go back into Waterloo, from reading week. That was an adventure. Spent a lot of time evading my family, (or so they tell me,) and much time working. It was uninteresting. As much as I don't really like school right now, working at Tim Horton's for the rest of my life would make me kill myself. No lie. I wouldn't be able to handle that. I can't imagine how people do that, their entire lives. It just baffles me.

Moving on... There was less awkwardness on reading week than I expected. I really thought that between Bryan and my parents, me and Bryan's dad, and Bryan and Marcy, there would be unending awkwardness, all the time... But it didn't happen, so much. There was a little... but I expected anger, conflict, and general insanity. There was very little of any of those things.

I guess this is lining up to be a pretty mindless entry... One of the boring, life-updating sorts that no one cares about.

Oh! For anyone reading this that is not privy to all the goings-on in my life because I tell them verbally, (which is probably no one, as Mason is the only one I know of that ever even looks at this,) Bryan is the new squeeze, I guess. If you want to say that. Much madness has ensued, as a result. Marcy is quite upset about it, but we have worked out that he needs some time and will get over it. Someone else, who was apparently in love with Bryan previously, is telling me that she is not mad... But I really have no idea.

That's THAT news... Um... I'm out of things to say that aren't crazily personal. I'll make up for it later, by being less boring.
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