Let It Be

(Let It Be, The Beatles)

My poor neglected blog... I haven't posted in a while. I guess I haven't had much to say in a while.

I was home this weekend... and craziness ensued, of course. But I won't get into that. Because that's more personal than I am willing to get here. :P

I came back to my residence to find that there had been some crazy drama over the weekend... Apparently the two more vocal of my roommates have had a major spat regarding the cleanliness of our apartment... Which, no doubt, is largely my fault. Because I am a big slob. At any rate, one of my roommates is talking about not coming back to Laurier next semester, or that she wants to move, if she does. I think she's just in a heated mood, so I don't think she's serious... But I think everyone just needs to calm down about this whole ordeal. Whatever... We'll see how it works out.
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