Slacker Stir Fry

I found a single frozen chicken breast in my freezer today and decided to do some awesome slacker cooking. This is my favourite thrown-together meal, but that is because I really like Mr. Noodles. The idea was given to me by Ren over at Renegade Oboe back when we used to live together. (That’s right, we were roommates.) She did it a lot better than me though. (Mostly because she usually had more than one vegetable in the fridge.)


Fry up your protein of choice in some oil in small pieces. (If you are lucky enough to have cooked leftovers, just cut up one serving worth and throw it in a pan with oil.) I almost always use chicken because it’s easy. Ren uses tofu.


While your leftover meat is sizzling, start cooking the noodley part of your favourite single-serving ramen. (Noodle-san.)


Once your meat is cooked through, throw in bite-sized pieces of whatever vegetables you may have around. Really, pretty much anything works. This time I had nothing but red onion and snow peas. I also got really energetic and chopped up some peanuts for this one. (Honestly, this part is optional if you are a real slacker. I have had a bunch of these when my fridge was empty where my ‘stir-fry’ just amounted to meat and noodles with some sauce on them.) Stir the veggies around for a couple of minutes until their colour is a brighter version of what it was before.


Strain your ramen and throw it in the pan with the veggies and meat. Mix it up a bit, then throw in a sauce of some kind. Whatever you like. I have made some pretty bizarre choices in the sauce department, but my best choice, (and one of the cheapest) was President’s Choice “Memories of Szechuan” spicy peanut sauce. Mix it up again.

Put it on a plate and eat it. Since I like to pretend that I am an adult, I chopped up some peanuts and put it on top of mine to make it look prettier. Looks like something that real people might eat, right?

[Tl;dr? Meat + vegetables + Mr. Noodles + sauce = stir-fry.]
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